We hope you take advantage of the expertise and convenience of our optical shop. Located right here on the premises, Pleasant Valley Optical is fully stocked with a wide selection of quality frames for all tastes and budgets, including the latest and most fashionable frames at competitive prices. Eyeglasses are unique in that both fashion and function are blended together. Our eyewear consultants (opticians) are specially trained to help you choose a frame that is flattering to your face.

We will be happy to discuss your vision needs for your lifestyle - for both your occupation and hobbies. We have staffed our optical with experienced opticians rather than salespeople who can give expert advice in picking out the best frame styles and lenses to meet your lifestyle, including specialty glasses such as computer glasses, sports glasses (including golf, water sports, racquetball, cycling, etc), safety glasses, reading glasses, and sunglasses. We also participate in some vision plans, including Vision Service Plan (VSP), Avesis, EyeMed, and Superior Vision.

Stop in and browse during your visit and don't forget to ask for a free cleaning and adjustment. Check out our internet coupon below for 20% off. We also offer senior citizens discounts and second pair discounts.

Why should I get my eyeglasses at Pleasant Valley Optical?
  1. Highest quality and excellent customer service.
  2. Friendly, knowledgeable eyewear consultants with access to new advancements in lens and frame products.
  3. Access to a wider range of products.
  4. Better warranties than competitors. We offer a one year scratch warranty and a one year manufacturer's defect on frames at no additional cost to warranty. Many optical shops charge extra to warranty your glasses and/or only allow a 60 day scratch warranty.
  5. One-stop shopping (Eye exam and order glasses on the same day). Specialty work available.
  6. Use of local labs so turn around time is minimal. Glasses usually ready in 3 to 4 days, with emergency rush orders possible.
  7. Adjustments, screws, and nose pad replacements done without charge to patient.
  8. Outside prescriptions accepted.
Latest Technology in Lenses
Eyeglass lenses look simple, but can be quite complex. The following is an overview of some of the lens options available.

Single Vision Lenses
This all-purpose lens is available in all materials, and can be used for either distance or near vision correction.

These lenses are for when both distance and near correction are needed together in a single lens.
  • No-line Progressive Lenses - These lenses provide a smooth transition to improve your range of vision for near, far (distance) and intermediate (computer). Advances in lens technology have enabled more patients to be able to convert from a lined bifocal more successfully than in the past. Because there is no visible line, progressives have the appearance of single vision lenses and are, therefore, the most cosmetically desirable multifocal.
  • Bifocals - provide both for distance and near with a line separating the two
  • Trifocals - are basically progressive lenses with visible lines. The majority of the lens is for distance while the lower portion is divided into intermediate and near viewing segments.
High Index Lenses
These are ultra-thin lenses and are recommended for very strong prescriptions. High-minus lenses for near-sightedness are thicker at the outer edges and high-plus lenses for far-sightedness are thicker in the center. The high index lenses are flatter, thereby enhancing lens appearance by reducing edge or center thickness. They are lighter weight and offer less magnification or minification of the eyes, as well as the images viewed. They provide edge-to-edge visual clarity which means that as the eyes move, vision will remain clear rather than "blur out" when the viewer looks away from the center of the lens.

Polycarbonate Lenses
These are shatter proof lenses that are a great choice for active lifestyles and they are the only lenses prescribed for children.

Polarized Lenses
Ordinary tinted sun lenses merely darken what you see, but do not eliminate glare. Polarized lenses are designed to conquer glare. Hunters, boaters and fishermen, golfers, and drivers are a few who benefit from polarized lens' glare-cutting properties. Any surface can create glare in sunlight, including water, sand, snow, windows, vehicles, and buildings. Polarization eases eye stress and fatigue in the sun, and comes in several color and density options.

Transition Lenses (or Photochromic Lenses)
This lens design allows your glasses to adapt naturally to changes in your environment and change from light to dark as you move between indoors and outdoors. When ultraviolet (UV) rays are present, they darken, and they lighten indoors. Their lightweight design also includes scratch resistant coatings.

Lens Coatings
  • Anti-Reflective (AR) - To drive safely at night you need all the light possible. AR coating increases the amount of light transmitted through eye glasses by decreasing the amount reflected off uncoated lenses. AR coating is also helpful in decreasing eye fatigue with computer use. In addition, AR lenses are cosmetically desirable as they eliminate reflections off the front of your glasses and allow the wearer's eyes to be clearly visible behind the lenses, so the focus is on you, not your eyeglass lenses.
  • UV Protection coating - Protects your eyes from harmful rays of the sun. We recommend that all eye wear have at least 99% blockage of UV rays.
  • Scratch Coating - Protects your lenses and reduces scratches
  • Tint Coating - Fashion tint adds to your appearance while adding comfort and protection.
A number of studies indicate that spending long hours in the sun without UV protection can damage your eyes and contribute to cataracts, macular degeneration, and growths on the eye, including cancer. Based on these studies, Dr. Blair recommends sunglasses with 99-100% UV protection and a brimmed hat whenever you are in the sun. This can be accomplished by UV coating, transition, or polarization of prescription sunglasses or quality non-prescription sunglasses (which also can have polarized lenses). All contact lens wearers should have sunglasses to wear over their contacts when out in the sun.

We have a wide variety of both non-prescription and prescription sunglasses.

Optical Coupon
Please click here to print off a coupon for 20% off a complete pair of glasses (frames + lenses).

Donate your old eye glasses to charity. Bring any eye glasses that you are no longer using and we will distribute them to River City Ministries and the Lion's Club, two local ministries that help those without insurance or other means of access to eye care.

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